taste of taboo

Taste of Taboo is about hedonism and pleasures

I’m bored as you, this is my way out of it.

I’m doing arty-farty nudes, kinky kink and weird stuff

With your help, I will be able to:

  • produce new photo sets
  • buy decoration and props for new photo sets
  • share photos in a way not possible on Instagram and Facebook
    (because censoring photos for me is somehow unaesthetic)

For a preview, what I’m doing, go to the freebies section and take a look at Instagram: taste_of_taboo 

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Due to Covid-19 Patreon is my only source of income from photography at the moment, I used to be a full-time people photographer. So, I’m super happy for every new, current and former Supporter of this Page.
You can also get super beautiful prints if you like. Just write me. 🦄
Or just get into the Collector Tier and get a 20×30 cm print of your choice from me


Martin / Taste of Taboo

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Leona - Let it rain
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